Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Drawing the Mozart Recital

Every year in May for the whole month, the Brighton Festival comes to town.

This means artists open their houses and there are loads of venues to see everything from poetry, to cabaret and comedy, live music, theatre and dance. There are 2 large brochures advertising all the events, so that gives you an idea of the scale of the festival now! This event was part of the Brighton Fringe.

I don't know a whole lot about classical music, but I spotted this event in the Chapel Royal. It was a bargain £5 for the recital and I went equipped with my pen and sketchbook to draw and listen. The chapel was packed, the music was amazing and I managed to get a snapshot of some of the audience.

I did wonder whether the music would be so absorbing that I'd find myself drawing in time with it1 But that didn't happen. It was interesting though, as you are very visible and lots of the audience were glancing at my progress. Good job I love drawing in public now!